BEAUTIFUL TRAITOR BOOKS is an independent print-on-demand imprint that aims to bring unusual and inspiring books to the selective reader!

The publishing industry’s first focus is on making a profit. Because of this many worthy books fall to the wayside as they are considered ‘not marketable enough.’ Any author would be familiar with expressions such as:

‘there is no shelf space for this book’

‘it has no definable category’

‘we cannot place the reader for this book’

‘the age range of the reader is too mixed’

‘we love the book – but would be unable to sell it’

That is why established and prolific author Kingsley L. Dennis set-up BEAUTIFUL TRAITOR BOOKS as a source for publishing books for readers. They may not be commercial books, yet they offer something for discerning tastes. The books on our catalogue aim at making the reader think… and to catalyze new worlds within the readers’ minds.

For now BEAUTIFUL TRAITOR BOOKS publishes the work of Kingsley L. Dennis – yet we aim to expand this to include works from other authors in the future.

All books are offered at reader-friendly prices and can be bought online as print books or e-books (poetry books not available as e-books). The price reflects our commitment to provide for the needs of the reader.

BEAUTIFUL TRAITOR BOOKS – we place the reader first


This was an amazing encounter with true wisdom. It embraces so much of the esoteric teaching and more. It was a good decision to publish this for those who have ears to listen. I read the whole book this afternoon and couldn’t put it down.

Many thanks for sharing

Kingsley definitely entertained me with this book. The characters, especially Monroe and his mysterious origins kept me interested. He skillfully introduces evolutionary themes which are important and mind opening. I only wish it was longer or that I could talk to Monroe myself. 🙂
READ THIS BOOK NOW! Remarkable Authentic Esoteric Knowledge In A Story

This is a remarkable story of the author’s unique experience, but is filled with true authentic esoteric wisdom that has been hidden in recent times until now. The insight in this book is very deep, and will leave you with a “conscious buzz” for some time. If these topics are new to you then this book may be a paradigm-shattering experience. Deepest ancient truth is contained here.
This author is one of the few sharing hidden diamonds of wisdom from what seems to be true authentic esoteric traditions. He does so in a surprisingly fresh way, and is not difficult to read.
There is a deep well of wisdom here. Know the truth.

Ard Rell

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