Essays 2020

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The year 2020 will go down in the history books as an unforgettable year. It was the year everything changed – it has been our most recent annus horribilis. No-one could have foretold what was going to unfold, or just how almost every aspect of our lives was going to be affected. ***Notes from the Quarantine: Essays 2020 are 18 essays written throughout 2020 that examine some of the social, cultural, psychological, and emotional implications of living through the events of 2020 and their wider effects. They are intended to be a broader examination of related issues, and not a critical analysis on specifics. Some of these essays can be directly related to what many of us are experiencing now; others could just as well be taken as standalone essays despite their relevancy to the contagious year of 2020. These essays begin by suggesting that humanity has entered a period of ‘consensus reality meltdown’ – and they end by examining how we may have just been steered into a new era of social-political authority.*****Many of us are asking - is reality broken?

Publisher: Beautiful Traitor Books