BEAUTIFUL TRAITOR BOOKS is an independent print-on-demand imprint that publishes inspiring books for the selective reader.

The traditional, mainstream publishing industry’s core focus is on making a profit. Because of this, many worthy books never see the light of day as they are considered ‘not marketable enough.’ That is why established and prolific author Kingsley L. Dennis established Beautiful Traitor Books as a means of publishing books for readers. They may not be ‘commercial’ books, yet they offer something for discerning tastes. The books on our catalogue aim at making the reader think – and to catalyze new worlds within the readers’ minds.

Our books are works that delve into various domains whether it is books for children, science fiction, social affairs, philosophy, theatre plays, or poetry. We have books translated into Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Hungarian. All the books we publish seek to explore innovative and creative ideas. Many of them also tell a good story – stories that have different perspectives on life and on the human condition.

Beautiful Traitor Books publishes the work of Kingsley L. Dennis – yet we aim to expand this to include works from other authors in the future.

All books are offered at reader-friendly prices and can be bought online as print books or e-books from various stockists. Some of them may also be ordered through your independent bookseller (those with Ingrams distribution). The price reflects our commitment to provide for the needs of the reader.

BEAUTIFUL TRAITOR BOOKS – we place the reader first

The Seeker

May 1st, 2017|0 Comments

Our latest publication of a science-fiction tale titled 'THE SEEKER' by Kingsley L. Dennis, explores the concept of a ruined humanity (after the 'Great Turning' global collapse of human civilization) and the potential for two [...]


April 30th, 2017|0 Comments

After reaching old age, and after a home life of many joys and sorrows, a husband and wife decided to renounce the worldly life and devote the rest of their time to meditation and pilgrimage [...]