Our latest publication of a science-fiction tale titled ‘THE SEEKER’ by Kingsley L. Dennis, explores the concept of a ruined humanity (after the ‘Great Turning’ global collapse of human civilization) and the potential for two evolutionary streams to arise: human & technology.

As the blurb says –

What arises are two possibilities: the technological monastic Nous-City; and the scattered enclaves and walled settlements of remaining humanity. Two evolutionary streams lie ahead, mutually independent and yet with the potential for merger.

I may joke – says Kingsley – that this ‘post-apocalyptic’ tale comes so soon after recent ‘political devastations’ – occurring all over the globe – but there you go…perhaps a ‘Great Turning’ is required in some form or other after all…

‘The Seeker’ can be bought as both print and e-book (Kindle) from Amazon US and Amazon UK as well as many other online retailers.