Inspiring Materials
  • The Seeker

    Our latest publication of a science-fiction tale titled 'THE SEEKER' by Kingsley L. Dennis, explores the concept of a ruined humanity (after the 'Great Turning' global collapse of human civilization) and the potential for two [...]

  • Renunciation

    After reaching old age, and after a home life of many joys and sorrows, a husband and wife decided to renounce the worldly life and devote the rest of their time to meditation and pilgrimage [...]

  • Kingsley L. Dennis - Benamahoma reunion

    Sleepy Benamahoma becomes a mysterious meeting place

    People started popping up in a sleepy little Andalusian town after one of our favorite book ‘MEETING MONROE’ started its own journey in the world. Those who read the book, know that something happened there [...]

  • Kingsley L. Dennis - Ancient tales

    Ancient Tales – The Tale Of The Sands

    Ancient tales The Tale Of The Sands, The Three Old Men

  • Kingsley L. Dennis - Ancient dervish tales

    Ancient tales – The King, The Sufi & The Surgeon

    Ancient dervish tales - The King, The Sufi & The Surgeon


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