The Re-Emergence Of Feminine Consciousness In The World

A recent conversation where author Kingsley L. Dennis talks about the rise of feminine consciousness & feminine energy

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The Living Work ~ Re-Connecting with the Feminine Energy ~

It’s coming around again, as such cycles always do. For a number of years I have been talking (amongst other people) about the new consciousness emerging – or rather unfolding – over these years. However, the focus so far has been largely upon the consequences of this new ‘energy consciousness’ rather than on the qualities of the incoming energy itself. For example, I have discussed how this unfolding energy is shifting human social systems – how we do things – from a vertical to a horizontal pattern. That is, from hierarchical structures to networks and connectivity. Recently though I have been turning my focus upon the shift from the older values of Competition ~ Conflict ~ Control ~ Censorship – to the new values of Connection ~ Communication ~ Consciousness ~ Compassion. So what does this tell us about the new energy unfolding upon the Earth and permeating through humankind?

It tells us that the new energy is relational, not mechanical nor isolated. That is, it does not thrive upon self-sufficiency but upon contact and receptivity through others. It flows and works through organic, non-hierarchical systems: through networks and webs – through the threads that weave the wholeness of life together. This energy no longer thrives through top-down power structures; it no longer seeks one-to-one encounters – it flows like life itself.

Realizing this reminds me of how during the 16th-18th centuries Europe witnessed the witch hunts that put to death tens of thousands of women accused of being witches. The executioners were predominantly men who represented the church hierarchy. This was a masculine energy that for millennia had been parading and swinging its heavy paternal axe of hierarchical power. And the witches were yet another manifestation of female power that the ecclesiastical authorities could not tolerate. Many of these so-called ‘witches’ were women who knew about herbs; how to heal and nurture people; and how to listen to nature (others were purely innocent victims of gossip!). Yet one of the things they were accused of, amongst many, was of gathering and conspiring together. How did they gather? They gathered in witches’ circles… Here we have the energy of hierarchical power against the energy of circular, relational flow. It was the fear of a ‘magical presence’ within the female that fuelled a deep repression over the centuries that has become a pattern – the denial of the subtle, the integral, the nurturing.

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