An Exploration of Human Perception


Breaking the Spell: An Exploration of Human Perception examines how people have become disconnected and distracted in their everyday lives through social conditioning and cultural programming.  Over generations, humanity has lost a direct connection with its essential spirit, imagination, and perceptual faculties. In this book the author addresses how we should ‘break the spell’ of our conditioned perceptions and learn to manage and develop our emotional, mental, and physical energies. Through such chapters as Managing One’s Energy, Being Vigilant, and Stepping Away, the author explains in very simple language the necessity for each person to regain their focus, inner calm, and to observe the chaotic impacts that surround them. The author also discusses how a person can refine their perceptions through inner intent and focus. The book also contains an inspiring collection of the author’s thoughts and aphorisms and an Appendix on the misunderstandings of contemporary spirituality. 

In these modern times of increasing dissonance, it is imperative that each person learns to empower themselves by harnessing and developing their personal energies. 

Now published in its second edition, the contents of Breaking the Spell are more relevant than ever. As the world lurches further into untruths, propaganda, public manipulations, and coercions, the spell that we’ve always had hanging over us is attempting to strengthen its hold. If there was ever a time for breaking this spell, and stepping back into our authentic self, then that time is surely now.