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One morning Luis Rodriguez Rodriguez awakens with a vision – to build a lighthouse in a place where none have dared to build one before. He knows beyond any doubt that this is something he must do. And so first of all he has to persuade his thirty-three year old daughter Rocio that this is a good idea. Secondly, he has to begin his journey over the Sierra mountains, across the waters where the sea and ocean meet, and into a strange land populated by odd and exciting characters. And thirdly, well, that would have to wait until he actually arrived at his destination. And so the journey begins…the caravan moves on.Trust in fate, but tie your camels firstThe Most Wondrous Lighthouse of Strange Delights is an entertaining allegorical tale that tells of vision, purpose, and achievement. It also tells of the miraculous, and what happens when you believe in the unimaginable…

‘If you put Paulo Coelho on a camel with Terry Pratchett then you may get a caravan somewhat similar to Kingsley L Dennis’s gloriously rich, inventive, and immensely enjoyable allegorical adventure. A delightful tale for any reader’s heart.’ John Tintera, Senior Sales@HAY HOUSE

Publisher: Beautiful Traitor Books