Conversations With A Man Who Came To Earth

Book Cover: Meeting Monroe

One day, unexpectedly, the author meets an unusual person whom he simply comes to know as ‘Monroe’. A series of extraordinary meetings then begin to take place in a small town in Andalusia, southern Spain. Over the course of several intense weeks the author, himself already a respected writer, comes to understand through Monroe that humanity is on the cusp of a remarkable stage in its evolutionary journey. In the author’s own words - “If there’s one thing that Monroe has taught me it’s that we are all blinded by our false systems of thought: beliefs, assumptions, opinions, etc. We create our own barriers to understanding, and we reinforce these limitations throughout our lives.” What follows in this remarkable, understated book may seem unbelievable, even fanciful. Yet, as the author himself questions: perhaps that is the whole point? PLEASE NOTE: This is the 3rd edition of Meeting Monroe, which includes updated cover image, book size and interior design. The text remains unchanged from the 1st edition (October, 2013)

Publisher: Beautiful Traitor Books
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