The Song of Citadels takes the reader on an epic journey that spans the rise and fall of civilizations and the seeding of life in the cosmos. This trilogy comprises three books: The Citadel; The Foundation; and Gaiya. In Book One, a city and its people are trying to fathom the great mystery of the Citadel, and the fears that keep them within its shadows. Book Two explores a community that knows about the true nature of the Citadel, as well as about the purpose of human civilization and the impulses behind life in the cosmos. In Book Three, the need for seeding life within the cosmos becomes an urgent imperative. 

At the heart of the Song of Citadels lies a mystery, an enigma, and an exploration – a journey upon which is disclosed many surprising truths about the nature of human existence. Yet we may ultimately find that, as always, the secret protects itself…

Publisher: Beautiful Traitor Books
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