Book Cover: The Custodians

‘If it were not true, it would not be so’ And so it was, and so it is – welcome to the world of the Custodians. It is a world where divine Providence provides and faith is tested by a series of odd encounters. Meet Anwar and Father Nuri, two shrine custodians who spend their time in meditation together: one the teacher, the other the former pupil. Their purpose in life is to be the custodian of a shrine, and to provide blessings for the pilgrims who come to visit them. Together, they bring us to an understanding that knows no speech, or speech knows not quite what to say. And they also collect berries. Meet Nassa, the man whose life was saved by a fish. He is ready and eager to spend a few days in the company of the Custodian of the shrine, and to see how meditation suits him. But maybe he’s not who he appears to be…or perhaps he is! Then there is the Young Man, who arrives confused and in need of finding that which will give him the greatest happiness. But it won’t be easy!...oh dear… The Custodians has been called ‘one of the finest and shrewdest plays never to have been famous’…although we forget by whom it was said…. ‘And since it is so – evident from us as we sit here – then it naturally follows that it must be true.’

Publisher: Beautiful Traitor Books