A Perennial Psychology for Contemporary Times

The Modern Seeker is an exploration of the perennial psychology and its relevancy for the world of today. The author puts forward the notion that an uncorrupted wisdom tradition has been in operation as a continual stream of transmission. Further, that this depository of knowledge is a developmental path that can be referred to as the ‘perennial psychology.’ That is, the perennial psychology is ‘truth without form’ and exists separate from rituals and rigid forms. Such knowledge operates according to time and place and utilizes the cultural understanding of its milieu. The author recognizes that it is now time for the perennial wisdom to be transmitted through a contemporary psychological context.*****This unique and timely book provides a brief historical overview of the perennial wisdom traditions and explores how humorous tales, stories, and classical literature have been modes for transmitting the eternal wisdom. The author discusses how the perennial tradition can exist within the impacts and influences of contemporary life. Also, how a seeker of today might come to comprehend their role in a modern, technological world. *****The Modern Seeker offers a coherent and timely perspective upon this important subject. The book is also a useful guide for the seeker-of-truth in the contemporary world.*****The seeker is both the walker and the path.

Publisher: Beautiful Traitor Books
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