Book Cover:
Editions:Paperback - First Edition
Pages: 266

Wag & Scally in White House Skuldoggery is a non-PC® rated adventure that takes place between the United Kingdog and the United States of Ameridog, and includes an array of conspiracies - such as the Kennedy assassination; the dark side of the moon; the 'deep state;' CIA mind-programming; and much, much more...

The world has gone barking mad and only Britdog's best agents, Wag & Scally, can save the United States of Ameridog from its greatest crisis in history. With no more than a small bone to go on, the Britdog agents must bravely venture into the deep, dark, surreal world of the Canine Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Characters in the book include: Frumpus - Presidog of United States of Ameridog; Distillery Rodbottom - ex-politician; Nil Jiffyson - ex-Presidog; Glutin - Head of Russiadog; Don Columdog - local Washington Dogfather; Queenie - Royal head of United Kingdog; and Lo-Poo - the wise Lo-Poo (Wag's favorite philosopher).


Publisher: Beautiful Traitor Books
Imprint: Blue Sun Books
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